[Bread] Kyuei @Tsukishima

Melon bread(Japanese call Meron Pan) is melon-shaped bun doesn’t have real melon in it, but it tastes like melon.


Kyuei is the most popular bakery in Tsukishima.
The Meron Pan made at kyuei is favourite in Tokyo,and pie is so delicious too.
Besides,always you can eat fresh bread.

Meron Pan(160yen)

cute package

The Meron Pan made at kyuei is filling,it’s easy to eat that’s crisp in surroundings and sticky inside.
And full of butter flavor is so good too,you’re going to get hooked on this!
Generally that will sell out early afternoon,so you should try to buy before they sell out.

Apple pie(250yen)

The apple pie made at kyuei is so soft that contain apple prepared by boiling in sugar in light and flaky puff pastry.
That is less sugar,so you can’t get enough of that.

The Meron Pan and apple pie are less sugar,so you can eat after eating Monjayaki.

☆Kyuei is here☆

☆Recommend menu☆
Meron Pan , Apple pie