[Izakaya] Sansyuya @Ginza

Sansyuya is an old Japanese Izakaya in the center of Ginza from 1968.
We think it’s probably Ginza is about glittering place,but if you walk into an alley because signboard appear suddenly tempted,you can travel to the 1970s Japan.

lively inside

It is always packed with customer and many customer drink early.
Experienced staff come to take the order cheerily when you sit on a seat.
They are very busy so if you can’t decide menu quicqly,they will go away.For some people Feel that unfriendly.



We recommend Tori-tofu the most.(Other menus are so good too,Sashimi,fried horse mackerel…and so on)
It’s good-old and an adequate quantity food with light soup,tofu,chicken,garland chrysanthemum etc.

All foods goes well with beer or sake,so you should enjoy Sansyuya with them!


☆Sansyuya is here☆

☆Recommend menu☆